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 Kumi Tsuji New Movie Johnny five Come up soon from Billioya Musicoya Prod. Directing by Glitch TD  Come up check this out!                        
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New Movie Johnny Five   THIS IS A TRAILER FOR FILM J5ETHE FALL Starring Billy Gailyard, Kumi Tsuji, Rachelle Tragale and Corey Brown, (Directing by Glitch TD)other actors included Percy trayanov and Rajah Jones  "


Title " Sexy can be Hip Hop House Street Jazz"
  Dancers & Me  Kumi Tsuji Edit my own  , this is New 
   5min short Hip Hop / House/ Street Jazz/ dance film.   Check out!
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Kumi is associated with two-time Grammy Award winner The KLUBJUMPERS (whose remixes include: Britney Spears, Mariah Carey , Madonna and Nathan Seth) and  Kyotown Production (in Japan) by John Earl Watley III.

Nathan Seth 'Hot Heat Sexy" Music Video came up in 2009 Remix Music Produce by Klubjumpers Choreography by Kumi Tsuji International Dance CO. Dancers and Actor ,Actress by Audition.Check out his Video Click here!                                      
http://www.youtube.com/embed/rwlwepjS0L8      6min click here!                                      
Kumi Dance by T.A. Production present   
 http://www.youtube.com/embed/kWrJe8-nv7g    2min click here!


Dance class members with Kumi 2011 Vol 1 "                      

                     http://www.youtube.com/embed/mHnnCKi29wU  7min click here

 Dance class member with Kumi 2011  Vol 2   "Home Girl" 
http://www.youtube.com/embed/0-MhBZv9FIA    7min click here

               Hit! Hit! 655,604 Peoples watched Dance Music Video
                  " Sexy Lady Big Mistake!"   3min. It over showing but see info


Dancer Extraordinaire - Kumi Tsuji +++++++++++++++++++++++ 

  The Grand Ballroom Show at  Manhattan Center Kumi Tsuji & Dancers               by Underground Network  Produce by Don Welch! 
                            http://www.youtube.com/embed/ILbEGvndW4s      5 min click here!


  Victor Vega (Latin Artist) Show it had been worked with Vivtor Vega on TV Shows
Dance on TV (Time Warner)  -----Kumi & Aya House Dance
http://www.youtube.com/embed/Opqh72ewYtI   2min click here! 
      Kumi  & Chana Hip-Hop   Dance
http://www.youtube.com/embed/pTUHpdn-Thk   3min click here!

   Dance on TV  (Time Warner)  ------ Kumi & Aya Sexy Street Funk Dance
http://www.youtube.com/embed/A8Nt0zyvr-s   2min click here! 
     Kumi Tsuji  Class Jazz Funk /Hip Hop Video in 2007 1 min watch !                                 
http://www.youtube.com/embed/VZ6uE7vza5c    1min click here!

                Kumi Tsuji Choreography videos  including Joyful Sensation at 
    City Center - The Ballet Arts Center -Theater Showcase in 2007  
http://www.youtube.com/embed/5ydLVQNnd1w   5 min click here!

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24 Hour Fitness Kew Gardens 
Addess: 8002 Kew Gardens Rd, New York, NY 11415 
Phone 718-793-0910

Tuesday    9:30 am-10:30am     YOGA
                   10:30am-11:30am     Pilates 

 My SUB GYMS / Valley Stream  /  Kew Gardens / 


Basic House Class Description     This class will provide a comprehensive introduction to the essence of  House Dancing, known for it's rhythmic movement called the "Jack". The style combines elements of Latin Dance / Salsa, African and Tap. It can be descibed as light-footed,feminine and relaxed.

Hip-Hop /Street Jazz Class Description    This class combines Jazz-Funk with traditional Hip-Hop moves. provide a comprehensive introduction to Hip-Hop and Funk for all ages. Based on styles on Hip-Hop and Jazz-Funk development and advancement of each individual's skills and accordingly teaches. Fundamental moves  help shape your life with fun energy. Kumi inspired by her mentors, she is blessed to share her knowledge of dance with her students.

Latin Dance Class Description 
This class provide a comprehensive introduction to Latin Dance include all styles .Including salsa,chacha,mambo,,samba, Merengue and other styles Belly Dance ,flamenko, Line dance mix also development of fun in your life . Beautiful songs and music with dancing with Kumi.


Kumi Tsuji started ballet and traditional Japanese dance training at the age of three. When she was fifteen, she joined the Asami Maki Ballet Company in Tokyo. Where she started to expand her training in dance including Jazz/Funk and Hip-Hop. Soon Kumi  became a Hip-Hop instructor at various dance studios and health clubs and Community Colleges. Prior to her move to the United States. She performed with numerous dance companies in New York  such as Dance Fusion, and performed at Central Park Summer Stage with Nuyorican Soul ( by Masters At Work).Kumi Tsuji toured and performed with Marjory Smath throughout Japan in 1999. Internationally, Kumi Tsuji has performed on stages worked with House Diva Barbara Tucker as a backup dancer in the world, and attended the International Dance Music Awards in Miami, and danced for Darryl D Bonneau 2000-2003. She danced for Kumi Koda (Japanese Recording Artist) with Courtoney French at the winter music Conference in Miami 2001.  

In New York Kumi Tsuji performed on stage with Bev Brown's P-funk in 1999, and Courtney French's Vissy by Rhythm Entertainment in 1998-2000. Also Kumi Tsuji performed with Violeta Galagarza's KR3TS in 2004 and Robin Dunn's Middlleground Dance Theater at The Alvin Ailey Certificate Graduation Concert and International Dance Festival (the Duke Theater on 42nd Street) in 2003-2004. In general, Kumi Tsuji performed for World Trade Center donation show with Courtney French in 2001and The Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert with Darryl D Bonneau in 2005.

Kumi served one of five  judges for Hip-Hop competition held in Harlem, New York  the Summer in 2004.

 Kumi Tsuji has appeared in a FUBU commercial with LL COOL J. Also Spike Lee's movie "The 25th Hours". She has been featured in several music videos including LOLA, Out Of Eden,  Krumb snatcha (Gang Starr),  and as a main dancer and actress in the Curtoy's music video entitled "OH NO ".Kumi Tsuji collaboradrated with dancers such as  Jessica J . Morales and appeared in a Univision TV with Latin (salsa) House recording artist Victor Vega in May 9 2006.  She joined Wunmi (from LA) music video entitled 'Keep it Rockin"as house dancer in 2007. 

Kumi  worked as choreographer many with artists like of Ms ML  the Director, Producer and Singer song wr, Miss ML directed movie that New Generation Pictures Present  " Les Bendels" in 2006-2007.Also H.U.L who are describes his music as the central essence of Hip-Hop nominated for Next Level Magazine and he has own his rebel company 'UNSTOPPABLE INC"and Markskills. Also the House Recording artist Darryl D Bonneau are hottest sexiest male vocalist as Europe with an international reputation. She is arranging his dancers for his live stage and New House Recording artist Almamy and Hip-Hop Recording Artist Semm (Rap english&French language) , Papa Shee (SOB & Paradise Theater&Tour USA) , Angelo Dogba ,Petit Jhon and Curtoy also  Siann (produce by Smackl) and Don Magnifico ,  EL Padrino(Reggae Tone) also singer,songwriter producer Nathan (R&B, Hip-Hop). Kumi has worked with many TV Producers in channel Time Warner and B-CAT ,MNN, CTS TV, Bronx Net and Choreographer with the New World Music (TV Show) , Produced from Don G (Talent Coordinator) at Bronx net channel 69 the winnter in 2006.Kumi join the TV project by "UZUAL SUSPEKS INC'. ( G.O.D el Don Magnifico) by Killoboy Production.

Kumi Tsuji and Dancers on Ron Alexander TV Show / Jan, Feb,June,July with  Don G and Block Party in (MNN TV Show) / April by Time Warner . Additional choreograph, Kumi appearance the King+Queens Annivarsal Festival / BETTV Show .(DJ Cool Clyde WBLS 107.5 at Bronx, , the song entitled ' PATTI " Don Magnifico by (DonG) Aug12, 2007. Kumi Tsuji and Dancers are filmed by More TV shows like of CK TV by Mr.Roland in June 2007.

Kumi Tsuji and Dancers on the TV show "Home Inviders" CTV .S.ICH34 at Staten Island
Host by Mr.Hector Bosa and producers from CTV .S.IJuly in 2007.
Kumi Tsuji was hired a choreographer as Rose Record Show on TV with Papa' shee with her dancers on CH68 at Bronx Net also CH16, CH 34 , CH 57, CH 35, CH56 .The TV station called MNN in Manhattan (Time Wanner). Host by Mr.NAT and Ms.Sharon Flores in Sep ,2007. 

Kumi has worked with artists and Dancers numerous clubs and show business, including
S.O.B and others .

CNS Norman Cole Networking as Fashion show run way fashion 6 years. Also photograpy . As calendar magazinein 2004-2011. She woked  for straight as fashion business. Also Kumi apperrance modeling  for Masical Star Ramon as am new york and the village voice news paper in 2010.  

 Additional choreography credits include working with such as artists as Curtoy 's  , The Ultimate Battles(Hip-Hop Music movie) and Ayanna (Antidote Entertainment.Inc) in NY ,Chink from Ohio,  and Reggae Recording Artist Jo Black Sekou from Africa, also Teenager futurity Hip-Hop Recording Artists NE-HY in Detoroit and Karamel in NY. She has danced for Chandra Simmons (LA),

As model , she has worked with such as companies like of Kiss FM, Hot 97, CNS, The LMS TV show by Leny Mathew.Also Kumi Tsuji has been filmed for Poster Dance Model by JR-Video. She has been filmed as a actress, The Harlfway Point  and That's  why women are the lackier ..  by Mark Fauntleroy also Ulutimate Battlez by Curtis Ray  .

Kumi work with and Intervewed by many TV site and TV shows producers like of Fashion Fever by Stan Lowe(Struggleshop.blip.tv), Roger T. Muntu (M2 Productions) ,Digital Pro ENT.

Kumi  was hired for the opening choreographer and Dancers Cordinater for the TV show "The Global Look" CTV CH34 at Staten Island and Manhattan Time Warner Host by Mr.Henry Bentsen and producer Mr. Tony.T  May, in 2007 and April, August in 2008 and 2009 also as choreographer Japanese Style dance mix soul funk music by Underground Network by Don Welch produced the Manhattan Center Ground Ballroom Saturday Night Live Show on Stage in 2008.Kumi as modeling BTE TV show by Sofia Davis (Pesent by clothing line CoCo Fashion) in 2008.

Kumi is trained in House, Hip-Hop, Breaking, Capoeira, Jazz, African, Mambo (salsa) and  Latin dances also Belly Dance and Wacking and Ballet and Tap. She has taught number of  workshops in Japan including Amm Performing Arts and Wet's. Kumi has taught at Faizil's in 2003 and Steps on Broadway in New York City in 2004. Kumi has taught in at Peridance center  2004-2008, at City's center at Ballet Arts 2004-2009.
Currently She teaches in New York .



   EL Padrino  (Reggae Tone )Show in 2008
with Victor Vega
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A84etk0-NJY  Click this Line you can watch!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Xs_rFjBUGI    Click this Line you can watch!

 H.U.L Music Videos
Part 1 Back Dancers
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Part`2 H.U.L Hip-Hop Concert Click here!!

Semm  Music Video. 
SEMM New MUSIC VIDEO Click here.


dontplaymepaymerecords  Don G
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  The Global Look TV Show by Henry Bentsen. 
Kumi & Mami S.Click this line you can watch!!


 Check out Kumi interview click this line M2 Productions by Mr. Roger T. Muntu 


    Digital pro Radio site TV productions


    As many shows she performed with choreographers in NY. She performed as Dancer and
    Cho- Choreographer couple of shows worked with me in 2004-2006.      
    Now she is in Japan.  I wish Good Luck MIHO.    Peace and Thanks!!  from NY.
                                                                                   Sincerely KUMI TSUJI